Influxdb, openHAB and CPU utilisation

Since installing influxdb I’ve seen an amazing jump in CPU utilisation.

The PC is an i5, so plenty of power to spare. I’ve about 50 persisted items, and I imported rrd4j data going back about a year. The database is taking up 550MB of space, which isn’t that surprising, but the jump in CPU utilisation, and thus CPU temperature, is impressive - see graph here.

Is this normal?


This is mine:

About 150 items persisted in influx
Going back 6 months
Size of DB: 24Mb

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Oh dear. I wonder what I can do about it?

The surprising thing, at least for me, is that the /var/lib/influxdb/data/openhab_db directory is small - 19MB. The /var/lib/influxdb/data/_internal/monitor directory is huge - 600MB.

Mine is only 17M

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OK, I dropped the _internal database, as I’ve no use for it, and am back right down to 19MB. Let’s see if it builds up again, and if it does there’s clearly something wrong with influxdb (and nothing to do with openhab)

many thanks for your help


_internal is back at 413MB this morning. Clearly something very wrong with influxdb. I’ll see if I have any luck on the influxdb forum - have picked it up here

Haven’t been able to properly fix it, so just deleted the _internal database and disabled monitoring in grafana.ini. Presumably there is still some underlying problem, but it’s not bothering me anymore:34

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