InfluxDB Persistence, reconnection if connection lost

I setup the persistence service influxdb (openHAB 3).
It works basically.
However, my database is on another server and the connection may be interrupted.
After that, no more data will be recorded. The service does not seem to want to reconnect.
Is this by design? Do I have to (or can I) do anything so that the service regularly checks the connection and reconnects if it is disconnected?
Thank you

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I got the same problem… every now and then it looses the connection and does not reconnect. Did you find a solution?

Hi Florian. I searched further myself and tried various things. Also without success.
Finally, I came up with the idea that it could be due to the authentication (that’s a guess). I used the token instead of the password in the configuration and it works.
github issue: [influxdb] try to reconnect if connection lost · Issue #10129 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub
Further you can check the advanced version of J-N-K (GitHub - smarthomej/addons: SmartHome/J addons for openHAB). He has also added something in this regard. With me, however, I saw no improvement. Maybe it helps with you.


very nice, thank you!

Hi there,

I do also have this issue although my influx db is running on the same server.

Did you create a token with:
influx auth create --all-access