Influxdb persistence

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(Alex) #1

Hi, I am a noobie, running openHAB2 on RPI3. I am very new to Linux in general. I’ve been trying to follow the InfluxDB+Grafana persistence and graphing. I’ve got both of them installed and connected influxdb (openhab_db) to Grafana Web interface. I am having some issues with the influxDB persistence in OH2. I installed it via PaperUI and/or Habmin, however, I don’t see the persistence in Configuration --> Services in PaperUI so I am not sure how to configure it. I can’t find the influxdb.persist file anywhere either.
Also, in org.openhab.addons file i see

persistence = ,influxdb

That comma concerns me. Please point me in the right direction to get the influxDB persistence working.

(Robert) #2

You can safely remove the comma

(Alex) #3

That’s done. Any guidance on how to configure influxDB persistence? I assume I would see it in Configuration --> Services section? But I don’t.

(Robert) #4

What do you mean with configuration?

If you like to start persisting, just create/edit the influxdb.persist file. See the docs for more info on that.

( ) #5

@rtvb A connection configuration is still needed.

@gens12334 Seems you misst this step to do so? InfluxDB+Grafana persistence and graphing

(Alex) #6

It’s ALIVE!!! Excuse me.

My things in influxdb.persist were not configured correctly. Thank you for pointing in the wright direction! I looked closer and it became obvious. I’ve got my first graph in Habmin. Going to finish the “InfluxDB+Grafana persistence and graphing” tutorial now. Thank you both!