Influxdb persistence

Hi, I am a noobie, running openHAB2 on RPI3. I am very new to Linux in general. I’ve been trying to follow the InfluxDB+Grafana persistence and graphing. I’ve got both of them installed and connected influxdb (openhab_db) to Grafana Web interface. I am having some issues with the influxDB persistence in OH2. I installed it via PaperUI and/or Habmin, however, I don’t see the persistence in Configuration --> Services in PaperUI so I am not sure how to configure it. I can’t find the influxdb.persist file anywhere either.
Also, in org.openhab.addons file i see

persistence = ,influxdb

That comma concerns me. Please point me in the right direction to get the influxDB persistence working.

You can safely remove the comma

That’s done. Any guidance on how to configure influxDB persistence? I assume I would see it in Configuration --> Services section? But I don’t.

What do you mean with configuration?

If you like to start persisting, just create/edit the influxdb.persist file. See the docs for more info on that.

@rtvb A connection configuration is still needed.

@gens12334 Seems you misst this step to do so? InfluxDB+Grafana persistence and graphing

It’s ALIVE!!! Excuse me.

My things in influxdb.persist were not configured correctly. Thank you for pointing in the wright direction! I looked closer and it became obvious. I’ve got my first graph in Habmin. Going to finish the “InfluxDB+Grafana persistence and graphing” tutorial now. Thank you both!

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