InfluxDB query addon

I’ve an Iotawatt device that I use to measure power consumption of several devices.
The measured values are integrated in an InfluxDB (that is one of the export services that Iotawatt supports).

I want to integrate the current consumption of devices into items using the stored InfluxDB values.
I’ve checked the InfluxDB addon and I’ve seen it’s a pure persistence one and I can’t use for my use case.

I plan to make an InfluxDBQuery addon with the idea to be able to have Items that get its result executing an InfluxDB query every X time. That way I will be able to integrate the readings from Iotawatt and also make complex queries composing several data that I’ve in InfluxDB.

Is this a good way to go? I’ve I made it in a clean and reusable way could be it adopted as an official binding?

Before you go down that path, what other export services are supported? Perhaps one of those will be easier to go from the Iotawatt -> openHAB -> InfluxDB. From looking at the docs it looks like the Web Service can directly publish to openHAB in parallel with InfluxDB so you could

         /  InfluxDB
         \  openHAB

Before going to all the effort of building a binding, make sure one is actually needed.

If you just want to build a binding to learn how or you have other use cases that need to query from InfluxDB then I suppose there isn’t anything stopping it. But, since InfluxDB has a REST API too, you can do everything you need to do with the HTTP binding and/or Rules and the sendHttp*Request Actions.

That’s not to say a direct InfluxDB binding wouldn’t be accepted. You have to decide what is more important to you, that you solve the problem or that you solve the problem with a binding. Because both of the two recommendations above would be less work.

Thanks very much for you advice.
Actually Iotawa only supports influxdb, Emoncms and PvOutput.

I will explore a little about bindings and the http interface as I didn’t know influxdb had it. And then decide based on what can offer a custom binding comparing to the default http one and also time I estimate to build such custom binding.