InfluxDB settings

OK so first off I have just updated to 4.0.1 from 3.4.2

I have had a issuse with InfluxDB for ages where I would have to reset my DB name and organization every time openhab restarts but this is a rare occasion maybe twice a year

but now in openhab 4 I can not find where I change these settings

Yes, this is a bit tricky…

You’ll have to go to addons - other addons - and to the persistence addon. There is a really tiny gear at the far right from the “remove” Button. By clicking the gear you will get the configuration options.

I guess it was about consistency. You can set the log level in the same menu (for each addon)

thanks yeah thats kinda anoying would be nice to know why it wont save the setting
long term

I guess the point is, there are more additional settings and the menu would grow and grow, but there “is” already a structure for addon specific stuff, it’s just unfamiliar.

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