influxDB stops working

So I followed this tutorial:

It’s a great tutorial, thx to @ThomDietrich :wink:

But I am facing the following problem. First I get this in the log:

2019-03-08 19:11:41.593 [DEBUG] [.internal.InfluxDBPersistenceService] - influxdb persistence service activated
2019-03-08 19:11:42.291 [DEBUG] [.internal.InfluxDBPersistenceService] - database status is OK, version is 1.7.4
2019-03-08 19:11:57.916 [DEBUG] [.internal.InfluxDBPersistenceService] - got DecimalType value 10
2019-03-08 19:12:15.313 [DEBUG] [.internal.InfluxDBPersistenceService] - got DecimalType value 20

got decimal values, so I’m thinking all-right data for the graph. But after a few moment I get this:

2019-03-08 19:12:21.630 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.persistence.influxdb    ] - BundleEvent STOPPING - org.openhab.persistence.influxdb
2019-03-08 19:12:21.635 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.persistence.influxdb    ] - ServiceEvent UNREGISTERING - {org.openhab.core.persistence.PersistenceService, org.openhab.core.persistence.QueryablePersistenceService}={, service.bundleid=246, service.scope=bundle, user=openhab, url=http://localhost:8086,,, password=raspberry, retentionPolicy=autogen,, db=openhab_db} - org.openhab.persistence.influxdb
2019-03-08 19:12:21.646 [DEBUG] [.internal.InfluxDBPersistenceService] - influxdb persistence service deactivated
2019-03-08 19:12:21.652 [DEBUG] [.InfluxDBPersistenceServiceActivator] - InfluxDB persistence bundle has been stopped.
2019-03-08 19:12:21.656 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.persistence.influxdb    ] - ServiceEvent UNREGISTERING - {}={, service.bundleid=246, service.scope=singleton} - org.openhab.persistence.influxdb
2019-03-08 19:12:21.661 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.persistence.influxdb    ] - BundleEvent STOPPED - org.openhab.persistence.influxdb
2019-03-08 19:12:21.707 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.persistence.influxdb    ] - BundleEvent UNRESOLVED - org.openhab.persistence.influxdb
2019-03-08 19:12:21.726 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.persistence.influxdb    ] - BundleEvent UNINSTALLED - org.openhab.persistence.influxdb
2019-03-08 19:12:22.842 [INFO ] [core.karaf.internal.FeatureInstaller] - Uninstalled 'openhab-persistence-influxdb'

Somebody have any clues why this keeps happening? Even after restarting openHAB I get the same issue.
Somebody can help me?

Sorry, my mistake, restarted everything and now it seems to be ok.

Works great btw:

But how to get a graph with the dots connected?

Under Display, look for “Stacking & Null value”. Set “Null value” to connected.

Thanks for the tip @jswim788 . That did it. :slight_smile:
Now, under share, I copied the Embedded code to have the graph in HABPanel.
I have my graph there, but is it possible to have it refreshed like in grafana? I only get a static image. Would be great if I could always see the last logs.

So you’ve got to copy the iframe link. I got it :slight_smile:
Really nice!!!

I’ve got to come back on this. Graphs showing up really nice but they aren’t refreshing like in the Grafana environment. Only if I double click them they show up with the latest data.
Anything I can do to have live updating in openHAB? That would be very nice.