Influxdb uses wrong database name?

On OH3.0.2, I have configured openhab with InfluxDB. (version 1.8.4)… The config says


And openhab tells me that the influx database is not ready. Looking at the influx logs I see

[httpd] - - [23/May/2021:05:58:13 -0700] "POST /api/v2/write?org=openhab&bucket=autogen&precision=ms HTTP/1.1" 404 44 "-" "influxdb-client-java/unknown" 6e0a5ef1-bbc6-11eb-814f-aaa1591af687 42

So it’s getting a 404… However the influx docs tell me that the org= parameter is ignored. And the datasbe should be specified in the bucket parameter…

But it looks like the openhab InfluxDB plugin isn’t putting the database in bucket. It’s putting it in the (ignored) org parameter.

So why is the influx plugin using the parameters contrary to the InfluxDB API docs?


Fixed… But I think the docs are wrong?

The OH docs for the InfluxDB plugin state that V1 is the default. However when not specifying the version, OH attempts to login to influxDB as though it’s a V2 server. That fails and then OH3 continues to try & write using the 2.x API calls…



in the config and everything now works. So the docs perhaps are wrong in stating that V1 is the default?