Info on minimum hardware requirements?


I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of where I might find information on the minimum hardware spec required to run the openHAB software?

Would this be suitable?
CPU: Intel Pentium IV 2.8GHz
Memory: 1 GB
Hard Disk: Type IDE, Size: 250 GB

I need to provide a reference to the information as it is for a module assignment and so far I have been unable to find this specific info anywhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


as you surely read, most of the guys are using a raspberry pi, so yes, that system should be okay. But read the platform recommendations here:

Because you need the system to run 24/7 it’s recommended to use a more efficient system. I for example use an old intel nuc 2820 with a 2830N celeron processor and a ssd from wd. The whole system takes about 5 Watt.