Infrared remote control


I was hoping this would be something simple but can’t seem to find a concise answer. I would like to be able to configure openhab to send infrared commands to drop a projector screen and turn on a projector. Can anyone advice me of the simplest way to achieve this, i.e. what is the best hardware and binding to use?



Look at this topic, it can help you.

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Look at a broadlink rm3

I used a Raspberry Pi with LIRC and some DIY emitters/sensor.

LIRC provides a network interface for your IR commands, so the Pi can go near your TV/AV system and be controlled by OpenHAB across the network.

You need the development version of OH (2.2+) to get the LIRC binding though.

Cool thanks I saw that. TBH I was being a little lazy and hoped it would be slightly easier to get something cheap that could work “out of the box”. I have also checked out the broadlink rm3 which looks good but I can’t see a binding for it just some hacky python code which seems a pain to get working.

I suppose it’s that classic toss up between a time and expense as the harmony seems like a quick and simple solution but is expensive :frowning:

Cheers for taking the time to respond.

I’m using global cache devices. Works great, they are very stable and in oh2 are now autodetected.

You might also check out the Zmote. There’s a little bit of setup involved, but I think this is the case with all IR transmitters. I’ve been happy with mine.

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Thanks for the information. I’ll take a look at this!

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