Initial KNX setup with Domovea


I’m a beginner with OpenHab. I have a couple of questions regarding KNX setup.

  1. Can I run OpenHAB and Domovea together?

  2. I get the connection to bus (I think).
    This is my knx.cfg:

openhab> config:list "("
Pid:            org.openhab.knx
BundleLocation: mvn:org.openhab.binding/org.openhab.binding.knx/1.11.0-SNAPSHOT
   busaddr = 15.15.253 = org.openhab.knx
   type = ROUTER

This is in openhab.log:

KNXnet/IP Routing using network interface lo KNXnet/IP Routing multicast loopback mode enabled 
Established connection to KNX bus on in mode ROUTER.
connectionEstablished() msg received. Initializing readable DPs.
Success: connected.

My knx.items configuration is:

Group gKeittio
Switch Ruokailutilavalo "Ruokailutilavalo" <lightbulb>(gKeittio){ knx="2/1/80" }

In events log I get:

Item 'Ruokailutilavalo' received command ON
Ruokailutilavalo changed from NULL to ON
Item 'Ruokailutilavalo' received command OFF
Ruokailutilavalo changed from ON to OFF
Item 'Ruokailutilavalo' received command ON

I know the address (2/1/80) is right, but why I can’t I get any response from bus and why is my device (light) not going ON and OFF? Can there be only one device (Domovea)that is controlling bus and receiving events from bus?

How could I check that my configuration is right and troubleshoot which option is not correct? Sorry, but this is frustrating in the beginning.

Thanks for any help! Especially from other Domovea users.



I´m running domovea in parallel to openHAB and do not face issues.

  • Maybe it help to configure the local IP address for the binding (parameter “localIp”
  • Try using “TUNNEL” instead of “ROUTER”, this works for me.
    I had some trouble there.

On the other hand: Maybe your IP-Interface is not configured or capable to allow multiple connections.
A quick look into the manual should enlighten you here :wink:

I switched from using the hardware IP Interface to knxd on a PI, this was more stable (and actually cheaper) than the Weinzierl interface I have installed.I´m using the busware Pigator, details on setup can be found here .

Kind Regards,

Thanks a lot Thomas for help,

I try to find manual for my IP-Interface and try to change to tunnel mode and using local IP.


did you manage it with Domovea in openHAB? If so, how did you do that?
I would like to try it too.
how does your knx.cfg look now?

what kind of KNXnet/IP device do you have?
Router (allows Routing & Tunneling connections) or Interface (allows only Tunneling connections) ?

I have a KNX device DOMOVEA TJA450 from hager.
Where did you get the information because of the port? I have the info for port 4504.

It’s not clear if this device (TJA450) can also act as a KNXnet/IP Interface to allow other software (e.g. ETS, openHAB, etc) to access the KNX Bus…

If yes: you can configure your OH2 with KNX (v1 or v2) Binding to connect to this device and you should be able to configure within OH2 your KNX stuff.

If not: you will need to use a new device (either IP Router or IP Interface or USB)

I can´t speak for the TJA450 as I´m running Domovea on a windows virtual machine having the dongle interface attached through a USB device server in the network, which I prefer over the higher priced dedicated hardware.

The USB dongle which acts as the knx interface for domovea is not able to act as an IP interface for ETS - ETS does not recognize it.
So I´d expect that the the hardware solution also does not support this.

(just asking for future reference): Can you use this Domovea USB stick with knxd? (I doubt it)

Ps: I saw your setup. nice!

No, this does not work. It is simply not recognized by ETS - guess that´s on purpose.

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