Initial Problems with Fibaro Motion Sensor

i run openhabian 2.2 on raspb 3 with zwave binding. Since now i have only running a fibaro wallplug and rules to detect our mobile phones in the network.
Now, I want to use Fibaro Motion Sensor. I get values for temperature and for luminence. But luminence delivers values round abot 25 lux in my office. That´s very low. Why???

The eye blinks when it detects motion but there is now event in openhab or the logs, which shows that the thing detected motions. So i get no data.

I installed the motion sensor many times. And i re-installed openhabian many times. Nothing changes.
And a big problem: every time after adding the motion sensor my raspberry became very slow, in Paper UI and in the ssh terminal. In ssh i got network errors or during the writing I had several seconds to wait until the characters are shown.

I don´t know what to do or is it possible that the sensor is broken?

The newest installation solved it. Bit i don´t know why