Innnogy SHC 1.0 reconnects often and sends then commands to devices


I’m using the old SHC 1.0 from Innogy. In my log I can see, it reconnects sometimes to the Innogy service

... internal.InnogyWebSocket] - Connected to innogy Webservice.

Then it sends commands to my innogy remotecontrol or a lightswitch. Of course this makes little sense in a smarthome.

I don’t think, that one can provide a solution here, so my question is,
can anyone tell me, that the problem doesn’t exist with a SHC 2.0?
Then I would buy one …


Same here. At least sometimes after reconnect mit TV turns on, because however pushes from buttons are sent. Though never been pushed…

Do you use the new SHC 2.0?

I‘ve got the old version.

Thank you. Perhaps I will give the new one a try.
Otherwise I think I have to change my system :frowning:

Currently I have no time to invest it further. Maybe you could use proxy items so that the unwanted button push switches the proxy item. Then a rule reacts to the proxy item change and checks, if the SHC came back in the last 3 seconds and ignores in that case. Else is switches the real item like a light or in my case the tv.

This is a great idea, thank you. In fact I already use the Log Reader Binding to monitor the reconnection from Innogy service, but I could only correct the switching afterwards.
Do you have a different procedure for monitoring the Innogy service?

This is my rule to send me pushes when it changes connection state:

rule "InnogyBridgeThingUpdate"
    Thing "innogysmarthome:bridge:SMARTHOME06" changed
    val bridgeStatus = getThingStatusInfo("innogysmarthome:bridge:SMARTHOME06").getStatus()
    logInfo("Thingstatus", "Innogy SHC ist nun " + bridgeStatus.toString())
    sendPushoverMessage(pushoverBuilder("Innogy Bridge is " + bridgeStatus.toString()))

Very cool. Much better than my approach - thanks again

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For information only.
I now have my SHC 2.0 and no more problems in openhab. All data from the SHC 1.0 was transferred without any problems and even in Openhab only a new Auth-Key was necessary.

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