Innogy binding 3.1.0 M4 and snapshot is not working

I tried to upgrade to OH 3.1.0 M4 and tried also 3.1.0 snapshot. In both environments the innogy binding does not connect at all. The binding connects with release 3.0.2, although it often gets disconnected in the night, followed by a timeout. It does not automatically reconnect without a restart of OH, but at least it’s running. Can I deliver logs? I can upgrade again and send you any logs for a further analysis of the problem, if this helps

BTW: if someone has an idea, why the binding goes offline in the release build, it is highly appreciated. I have installed the certificates as documented and followed all the instructions written in this forum. Without success. Interesting is, that the deconz binding goes offline as well, but this is reconnecting.

I have no solution to it but I can confirm the behaviour on 3.1.0 M4. M3 is fine.
There is an issue already [InnogySmartHome] Bridge-Thing is not going ONLINE on OpenHAB 3.1.M4 · Issue #10650 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub
But it seems we can’t find someone to fix it

Thanks. I’ll keep the stable version for now. I hope this is getting solved in a snapshot soon.

Is this isue still present in M5?

yes, problem is still present in 3.1.0-M5. 3.1.0-M3 still working
2021-06-03 17:03:51.916 [WARN ] [internal.handler.InnogyBridgeHandler] - Error starting websocket.
java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: org.eclipse.jetty.websocket.api.UpgradeException: Failed to upgrade to websocket: Unexpected HTTP Response Status Code: 404 Site Not Found

I’m on the latest milestone (M5). Since there seems to be no quick solution in sight, is there a way how to go back to M3 via openhabian? If not, what would be a “manual” approach to “downgrade” to M3?

I can’t help you on openhabian.
I changed some months back to docker. This has saved me so much time since then. Not only for Openhab but also other applications. So just my feedback to maybe rethink the deployment strategy. Testing M4 and M5 builds and switching between them is a matter of changing a 3 to a 5, redeploy the container, see that it still gives the 404 error, then change 5 to 3 and redeploy. Very easy, little risk. Fantastic technology. I even changed from a raspberry to a amd64 platform. without huge reinstalls.

It seems to be solved by a change in the backend from Livisi

GitHub issue[InnogySmartHome] [SOLVED] Bridge-Thing is not going ONLINE on OpenHAB 3.1.M4 · Issue #10650 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub

I can confirm it is working with 3.1.0-M5. Thank you RalphSester for driving this to closure

I can also confirm it’s working on 3.1.0-M5
I’ve upgraded from M3 to M5 and all is OK.

One other question on the Innogy users:

All my ‘things’ are detected and working, except for the ‘Variable Actuator’.
They are not detected. Anybody else with the same issue?