Innogy doesn't update values

My innogy binding didn’t work well: the devices were shown as offline most of the time. So I deleted everything (items, things incl. bridge) and reinstalled everything. At least, every device appears as online an shows a value. However, these values don’t update at all, whereas they’re shown correctly in the innogy/livisy-app.
Any ideas what I could do?

Which version of OH are you using? Any messages in the log file you can post?

I’m using 3.0.1 release build on a RasPi3 (I used the automatic / ‘hassle-free’ installation).
I tried to find the log files, but frontail ( is empty and I don’t seem to have a directory for log files (using hassle-free installation on Raspi); there is no “openhab”-directory in /var/log.

Yesterday, and today so far too, the binding worked well. Although I have no explanation for the change (maybe a reboot was successful? But that didn’t make a difference before).
Maybe you could tell me how to get the log-files and I post them when the problem appears again?

There might have been issues with 3.0.1 with the frontail log view.
I recommend using 3.1.0.M1 as it fixed couple of issues. My docker instance with 3.1.0.M1 is running great.

As far as I can see, I have the latest version now. But the fronttail still doesn’t show anything. However, I don’t think that it’s a fronttail problem; it looks like I have no log files: there is no “openhab”-directory in /var/log
My explanation is that I don’t have any logfiles. Probably I need to tell the system to create some first, but I don’t know if that’s necessary (and if, how to do it) because I’m still quite new to openhab.

and the log directory:

I am afraid I can’t help here. I have not used openhabian and could not find any hints on OH3 log file locations.

No problem, but thank you for trying to help.
I might have to reinstall OH rather soon anyway and maybe I’ll find a way to create these logfiles. I’ll post here when something changes.