Innogy / Livisi Central Unit INITIALIZING

Hello, since few weeks I do not have Innogy Binding Thing - Central Unit (v1) connected.

  • OH 3.0.1 (nevertheless was not running at 3.0.0 for some time, but not immediately after upgrade - it used to be OK)
  • in the Things - “INITIALIZING” status
  • No info in the logfile at all
  • several time new authorization code obtained (via link in the Thing info) - no effect
  • once tried to remove the central unit Thing and add again - no effect

All above mentioned helped in the past to sort such issues out.
Would anyone has a hint, where to look now?

I have exactly the same situation…

Update: I decided to remove the Livisi items one by one and at the end the controller unit.
While doing this, the controlling unit got instead of grey “Initializing” status a red one, asking for authorization.
That’s something i tried hundredtimes while having the grey status. But now … it worked!!!
I don’t know if you @Markus_F can use it, but try it.