[innogysmarthome] Monitor bridge status


my setup with an Innogy SHC1 and OH2 (using binding-innogysmarthome - 2.5.2) pretty often experiences the bridge going offline and not reconnecting automatically. This is annoying because many OH2 commands do not get through to my Innogy smart home devices.

Is there an item reflecting the bridge status (online / offline) I could use in a rule, e.g. to send me a warning?
I tried, just guessing, and without success:

String    GF_InnogySmartHome_Online     "Innogy SHC Online  [%s]"          <light> (GF_LivingRoom)                 {channel="innogysmarthome:bridge:SMARTHOME04"}

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Try the network binding to ping the bridge and a rule with a proxy item to send warning if no response.

You think I should ping the IP address of my SHC? I doubt this is the issue: My SHC is alive all the time.
To my knowledge, the problem is caused by the Innogy backend servers providing the webservices (API) to the binding.

What does your Bridge Thing do, as viewed in PaperUI or openhab.log ?
Thing status changes can be detected in rules.
What do you do to recover it?

Hello rossko57,

in Paper UI, the status is displayed correctly. Changes get logged correctly, too.

That’s exactly what I want to do: Detect thing status changes in a rule! How is it done? I don’t want to check Paper UI or log files all the time…

Ok, searched a little bit and found Fire a Rule when Thing goes OffLine or change its status. Will give it a try.

Thank you, rossko57! Your hint led me to the solution:

// Innogy SHC / Bridge goes offline
rule "Innogy SHC went offline"
    Thing "innogysmarthome:bridge:SMARTHOME04" changed
    var status = getThingStatusInfo("innogysmarthome:bridge:SMARTHOME04").getStatus()
    // do whatever, e.g:
    sendNotification("some.body@mail.org", "Innogy bridge status changed to "+status.toString())

The correct name of the Thing was taken from events.log.

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