Innova heat pump HVAC SYSTEM - web server

I have to monitor and control my heat pump havc system.

Brand “innova energie”
Comunication protocol for heat pump, convector and web server Is MODBUS RTU/TCP.


HAVC Webserver is “Web Server BUTLER ESW544”.

I would integrate the HVAC system on openhab

Some suggestions ?

I have to binding with MODBUS or I can communicate with TCP/IP protocol directly to the HVAC server ?

Hi, i have the same request. I need to connect INNOVA ehPoca with openHab. I control this heat pump with native tcp protocol Butler.


Someone have any news about that integration in openHAB? I put this link to show specifications about the webserver named Butler ESW544. As @Giorgio_Graziotti said this web server speaks to fan coil unit via MODBUS. Reading documentation I see they using a beaglebone board to run the web server. I also noticed the same web server software is used by other company with raspberry pi as system board. I don’t have hands on to the innova web server and fan coil units but I am thinking of buying them. If we could understand how the webserver works and first of all if has API available we’ll approach integration to openHAB.