Input item in sitemap - values not stored

I’ve got some DateTime items and want to setup them via sitemap, eg


DateTime SHUTTER_WINDOW_GF_office___open_weekday “Öffnen Wochentag” <shutter_opened>
DateTime SHUTTER_WINDOW_GF_office___open_weekend “Öffnen Wochenende” <shutter_opened>
DateTime SHUTTER_WINDOW_GF_office___close_weekday “Schließen Wochentag” <shutter_closed>
DateTime SHUTTER_WINDOW_GF_office___close_weekend “Schließen Wochentag” <shutter_closed>


Input item=SHUTTER_WINDOW_GF_office___open_weekday label=“Öffnen Wochentag [%1$tl:%1$tM Uhr]” inputHint=“time”
Input item=SHUTTER_WINDOW_GF_office___close_weekend label="Schließen Wochentag [%1$tl:%1$tM Uhr]"inputHint=“time”
Input item=SHUTTER_WINDOW_GF_office___open_weekend label=“Öffnen Wochenende [%1$tl:%1$tM Uhr]” inputHint=“time”
Input item=SHUTTER_WINDOW_GF_office___close_weekday label=“Schließen Wochentag [%1$tl:%1$tM Uhr]” inputHint=“time”

If I select a time in sitemap, the value is not stored. Variable is still null, selected values in sitemap are immediately switched back to “–:-- --”.

Any tipps appreciated!

I don’t use sitemaps and the last time I did the Input element didn’t exist. But I suspect that if you look at the logs you might see an error or something in the logs which might provide a clue. If not I won’t be able to help more due to my lack of experience.

Thanks for your response -
I found out that values are stored if I remove the inputHint property but therefore a complete datetime is stored and on first sight it doesn’t work with the rule as intended.
'Cause you wrote that you don’t use sitemaps or the input type (any more) do you have a hint how to solve the issue? I want to specify a ToD on which shutters open or close (used the astro-events with an offset yet) but need adjustable timestamps for opening (for a few rooms at least).
Thanks in advance!

And unfortunately there’s absolutely nothing in the logs (maybe I have to increase log level to get further information…!?)

Well, that’s always going to be the case. A DateTime Item stores a DateTime. Even if you don’t provide a date, the Item’s going to include a date as part of the DateTime.

You can’t store just the time, but you can ignore the date.

Ignore the date part of the Item perhaps. There really isn’t enough information to give a good answer. There are lots of options from Time Based State Machine [;] to Rules | openHAB to Actions | openHAB

Found this post and used “timeOnly” in rule.

Works like a charm. Thanks man.