Install a GUI on raspberry pi openhabian


is it Posibile to Install a GUI on the Raspberry pi 3+ openhabian?
I have a pi 3+ and openhabian install on it.
Now i have buy a big Touch Screen and want to connect the Screen to the pi.
The best is, to Install a GUI on openhabian to use a Browser and see my Habpanel.

Iam a linux noob.


Edit: I have found the solution on.

Just because I wondered, why would you want to do that?
Since OpenHAB works as a Webserver, you can do everything over the Web GUI.
And SSH of course.

Your raspi is going to struggle running both openhab AND and window based graphic environment just to run a browser.
Give it a go if you want but you may run into problems and major slow downs…

My TouchScreen dont have any os.

If it better a sec pi with gui for my touchscreen?

Yes definitely

Okay i give it a try.

Thats the Screen

How about the Deconz app that seems to run in GUI mode only ?

Not needed. deCONZ provides a web GUI. Installing is available in openhabian-config.

PS: this thread is 4 yrs old and it’s no good idea to revive discussion based on outdated information so I closed it

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