Install Code in zigbee

Hello everyone,

I’m newbe to work with Zigbee networks, and I’m facing an issue with Zigbee2MQTT. Based on my research on Zigbee 3.0, it has introduced a security mechanism at the application layer called Install-code. This mechanism is used to securely allow a device to join the network. I’m using Zigbee2MQTT, and it seems to fully support this Install-code mechanism. However, I encountered a problem. Let’s say I have two devices, a sensor and a light bulb. Initially, I want to add the sensor device to the network, so I enter the install code of the sensor into the ‘Add install code’ block (as described in the image below). However, when I try to have the light bulb join the network, it joins successfully. According to my understanding, it should not be able to join because I am opening the network using the Install-code mechanism, and when I enter the install code of the sensor, only the sensor should be able to join, while other devices trying to join the network should be rejected.

Could someone please explain to me if I might be making a mistake in any step?

Thank you.

This belongs in 3rd party section, or asked at z2m forums (more people that know about z2m there)

Is your permit join enabled? Maybe it should be disabled?

I have have an install code. First I have ever heard of it.
I just click the permit join all on the web page top right.