Install Hassio add-on


Is there a way to install add-on in openhab2

I would like to install this add-on, and can’t find an alternative for OH2

Yes there are users which use both and connect them with mqtt.

This post is one story which springs to mind

I took a quick look and it seems like that plugin sends the dynalite commands through mqtt anyway. If you load it on a home assistant (hassio) install then anything connected to the mqtt broker (including openhab) will see the messages. No need to “link” hassio and openhab, just let that plugin do the work and you’re set.

I ran the two systems linked for a while, it was fine but I don’t miss it.

Please note: I don’t know anything about dynalite and there appears to be no documentation for the hassio plugin you linked above. I do see a couple of python programs on github for dynalite that you may be able to implement through cli, nodered, or whatever your favorite way is to run python. May be worth a look.

my thought was to implement the hassio addon into openHAB, not running them both.

If you mean by “implement” using/installing this particular HA addon as is for OH2, no, you cannot do that. Home-assistant and OH2 are two different programs, built on different architecture and use different programming language and can only “talk” with each other if you have both systems fully installed and use MQTT as a bridge.

But you could maybe do the vice versa installing OH as an HA addon: