Install LogViewer

I installed the latest version of openHab2 on a raspberry. Everything works well.
I tried the 4 boot modes after installation (Initial Setup Package Selection) and I can not find how to add the Viewer Log.
Can you tell me if it’s a user interface? a service ? other? How to install it?
(on the port 9001)
thank you very much

logs are just text files.
you can use the console openhab-cli console and then log:tail or you can use in a terminal window simply a cat command or a tail command under linux (use the man pages or google for syntax), the files are under /var/log/openhab2/ and are named openhab.log or event.log
If you prefer you can use OpenHabian which comes with fronttail as easy log-viewer pre-configured.
You may also want to look at the docs (

Thank !!
it’s frontail? i can install frontail on raspberry and it will work on ip:9001?


@Bruce_Osborne @lipp_markus

I continue to search but frankly, I am confused because in a previous installation, I had the installation of OpenHab2 widget that can launch LogViewer on the dashboard.
I installed frontail:
npm i frontail -g
frontail / var / log / syslog
ip: 9001 works well

I added a file /etc/openhab2/services/dashboard.cfg with: = openHAB Log Viewer = http: // 9001
It works well

But I do not have the Operational Viewer without launching it in the command line.

while as I said before, I had an installation that had installed the logviewer automatically at the start of the first use. I am ready to redo a new installation but where did I make a mistake in the installation. Do you have the LogViewer when you install OpenHab2?

Thank you

Frontail is not installed with the standard linux version of OH2, however, it can be easily installed and configured if you are using OpenHABian as your tool to install OH2. I am not quite sure what you mean by widgets, but as far as I know, the only widgets come from HABpanel, which is a GUI that you will need to install and configure separately.
I am using the standard linux installation (apt-get on a Ubuntu18.04 virtual machine) and have never seen a log-viewer there (but admittedly I have never tried to find it either)
As frontail runs just as a separate unix process, you probably can use any tool that allows you to put web pages in your GUI (e.g., your sitemap), if you have the process up and running properly.
I am sure that you can google (the forum here may not suffice as this is not a standard OH2 component) how to configure, auto-start, etc this service. I am not using frontail or OpenHABian myself, so cannot give you any further details. I believe though that you may have used OpenHABian in your previous installation, you may want to look into it before proceeding as it will likely provide you with the tools you now find missing.

yes you are right, I confuse OpenHab2 and openHABian. Visibly openHABian included the log viewer:

I installed the latest Snapshot version of Openhab2 because I wanted to test new features of AmazonEcho but suddenly, I will look how to use OpenHabian with a snapshot version of openhab2.
Thanks for your help

If you upgrade to a snapshot version it is not recommended to later downgrade. It might be safer to manually install the snapshot binding on your current version

easy, command

sudo openhabian-config

and from the menu, chose 40 -> and then chose nightly version (don’t remember which menu…)

You need to start frontail as a service on boot:

I finally installed openhabian instead of openhab2, that’s what I had to do to have very easily the Log viewer.
Thanks for your help.

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