Install OH4 on same RPI4 where is installed OH2

I would like to install OH4 on same RPI where it is installed OH2. This because my actual RPI is currently managing the home automation of my house and I would like to do a fresh installation of OH4, without removing OH2. So I can stop oh2, start oh4 to prepare the new configurations, and then restart oh2 until I finish all the configurations on OH4. When all will work correctly on OH4 I will uninstall OH2.
Is it possible to do migration in this way?

Buy a second SD card and use that for playing around with OH4.

Don’t try installing OH2 and OH4 on the same drive - they have incompatible requirements, not last different versions of Java. There is a real risk of breaking your OH2 installation.

So just shut down your Pi, remove the SD card with OH2, and insert your new SD card and play with OH4. Once finished, shut down the Pi and swap the SD cards back over.

Not if running them in (docket) containers…

Sure. Given the question, and zero mention of Docker, chances of this being the case for the OP is slim.

@ivan1970 if you’re running OH2 in a Docker container, go ahead and spin up an OH4 container on the same device.

no, I installed OH2 directly on raspberrypi OS, I don’t use docker. thanks for your answer. I had already thought of the solution you suggested, but my raspi is installed on a place not simple to reach, and It’s not very convenient to replace the SD card all the time.

Summarizing the recent answers, a way forward could be to use the dockerized approach for the new version (which, of course, will not interfere with the existing environment): This had worked fine for me.

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thank you, I will try your suggestion.