Install Openhab in VirtualBox in Debian [solved]

Hello I tried to install with the openhabian-config tool. Unfortunately the tool gives the following error:

We detected that you use a console which is less than 120 columns wide. This tool is designed for a minimum of 120 columns and therefore some menus may not be presented correctly. Please increase the width of your console and rerun this tool.
Either resize the window or consult the preferences of your console application.

Any tips how to handle. I tried all figures in Virtualbox but nothing does work. Is there any other solution?

Your issue is related to OPenHABian not OpenHAB.
I usually use puTTY to ssh into my server and set the column width under the Window settings.

Oh dear, just that simple solution. Thank you very much.

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I had the same quesion in my mind a few months ago. I find it easiest when the piTTY window is open to just select Change Settings from the upper left menu & then Window. no need to restart an ssh session.