Install Tuya Binding with the 3th Party Methode

Hi everyone,

how can I do the Tuya binding on Openhabian 3.
Install using the 3rd party method. bundles/org.smarthomej.binding.tuya

I have no idea

Can you help me please

Welcome to the community.
First of all, there is no openHABian 3, guess you mean openHAB 3.
You need to add the Smarthome/J addons json link to the 3rd party marketplace configuration and then will see the binding showing up within the installable bindings.
Please read the Tuya Binding topic on how to get the link.

openHAB3 Exactly, sorry for my mistake
That’s exactly my problem, how and where do I have to do it?
Insert Smarthome/J-Add-ons JSON link so that it is displayed in the bindings?
Thank you for your support

Read the docs please.
Settings-> System Services → JSON 3rd Party Add-Ons

I did that (see picture)
But the binding is not displayed, how long does it usually take?

Did you scroll down to the end on the Bindings page ?

Found it, thank you very much

Now I have a new problem, the roller shutter switches all work but the thermostats from SALCAR (Type: TRV801W) show the following problem. See pictures

can you do something with that?

Yes and no,
this can happen, when a second application is trying to connect to the device.
Please make sure that it is only openHAB to connect directly to the device.

OK, does that mean the SmartThings app can also cause the problem?


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Unfortunately that didn’t help!
Still no connection to the thermostats

Could it be that the thermostats do not go online because they are battery operated?
I have read something like this.

Yes, battery powered devices often don’t allow local connections and do not send the “I’m here” broadcasts that the binding needs. If you know the IP address, try setting it manually. You can try which protocol is correct. Either it works or not.