Installation: Actions not working (OH2 @ QNAP)

Big thanks for OH, I’m having a lot of fun with it!

I’ve installed it as an application in my Qnap, everything went smooth with the installation, but none of the actions are working and I need some help to debug it.

I’ve installed a few addons via paperUI (MQTT, ecobee, weather, RRD4J, etc) and I am able to get and display (and persist) information from all of them; I’ve installed some actions too (ecobee, MQTT) and created some rules from the examples online.

None of rules work, and the “eclipse smarthome” shows errors for what I believe are the posting methods, like:
The method “publish(String, String, String)” is undefined, or
The method ecobeeSetHold(String, DecimalType, DecimalType, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object) is undefined

I can see the bindings and actions icons highlighted in paperUI/addons/actions, but I can’t see any of the rules I’ve created (@ config/rules) are in paperUI, and I am unable to create new ones thru the graphical interface (no items are available to select).

I suspect that it is something related to the QNAP (qpkg) installation or director structure (I can see all config and userdata directory populated, but the addons directory is empty).

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


By “the eclipse smarthome” are you referring to SmartHome Designer? If so, unfortunately, that is one area that Designer is behind. It does not recognize any third party installed Actions so will mark them all as errors even though they are not errors.

Unless you are using the Next Generation Experimental Rules engine you will not see your rules in PaperUI.

The addons folder is there for users who need to install addons that are not part of the basic distro (i.e. listed in PaperUI) or are not in the IoT Marketplace. Given what you have said, it should be empty.

Please post more details:

  • which rules engine are you using
  • contents of .rules and .items files
  • openHAB logs, in particular errors from the logs

I wasn’t aware of a new engine, I will look for it (if you have a link point it I’d certainly appreciate it).

I really don’t know what engine I’m using, I just installed OH2 and I expected it installed an engine for me. If I have to install it as a separate step, I haven’t done it. Please advise.

Although I’m not sure if I changed something, the (ecobee) actions seems to be working now, so I assume the rules & items are OK. I will explore a little more and I will post any changes.


I do not recommend the Next Gen rules engine unless you really know what you are doing. There is no documentation.

You do not need to do anything special to get the default rules engine. But PaperUI has nothing to do with this rules engine.