Installation and creating a sitemap

I am trying to setup OpenHAB on a raspberry pi 3. I started by installing raspbian and the bare minimum of additional things to allow me to run remotely using putty and/or Remote Desktop from my windows 10 machine.
I have tried to follow instructions for installing OpenHAB from the command line. There are many descriptions (all slightly different) on how to do this, so it is hard to tell if I have missed something important.
Perhaps the first question would be to ask if there is a good description (and by good, I mean one that is complete and works) of how to do this so that I can go back and ensure I have not missed a step.
But I have reached the stage which suggests opening the 8080 web page.
This I can do both from the pi desktop and externally from the browser on the windows machine.
This offers me four options, Home Builder, Basic UI, paper UI and HABPanel. Home Builder looks good and offers me an opportunity to define my home, just where I would want to start. But how do you save what is entered here. I leave this page and return to find the information previously entered has disappeared.
I would appreciate it if someone could point me to a list of the necessary command line entries required to install a working version of OpenHAB and to clear instructions on how to define and save the home configuration.

I think the install doc is actually quite good if you have some Linux/unix skills. A good indication that you’ve installed it correctly is having access to Paper UI etc.

I am not using HomeBuilder because I do not feel it offers the control I want. I use file config only. I would recommend that you start by playing with Paper UI first and add some Bindings, Things and Items to get a feel for it. When you got a few items working, you could build your own Sitemaps etc. I find it is best to get the low level stuff working before spending too much time on the GUI part.

Best of luck

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Thanks for your reply. My background is hardware and systems, but I would only class my Linux skills as moderate.
I could see many of the things in Paper UI, the binding for various things, I just felt that to define ones home and environment was the place to start. All I have at the moment are three Wemo devices which I control on an Ipad with the Wemo app. I didn’t want to get too adventurous until I was sure I had something that worked.
I understand binding, but every implementation is different. I am not sure how tight the Wemo binding is, I didn’t want to risk binding them exclusively (if that is the Wemo binding scheme) with OpenHAB while I was still in the playing stage.