Installation description OH1

Just reinstalled OH1 (on windows 10) and so far everything is running smooth.

I like the ‘getting started’ description on the OH website :

However, there were two (minor) problems I had to solve, to make everything running.
This is a suggestion to perhaps include these in the description, so no one has to think this over again.

  1. For the installation of the OH designer, I was unable to connect to the configuration folder. In fact I had replaced the file “openhab_default.cfg” with “openhab.cfg” and apparently the designer tests the presence of the original one. A little word about this could be helpful

  2. To connect to the website it was not clear to me I literally had to include the hostname. Perhaps an example like “http://localhost:8080/” could also be helpful.

It’s strange, a lot of users struggle with this, but it’s clearly stated in the docs:
Within this folder create a copy of the default configuration file openhab_default.cfg and name it openhab.cfg.

Maybe you overlooked that:
Point your browser to http://<openHAB address or hostname>:8080/

or somebody changed it in the last couple of minutes :smile:

It’s a relief I’m not the only one who struggled with this :relaxed: