Installation guide Synology DiskStation not OK for latest DSM

I try to install OpenHAB om my new Synology DS920+ running DSM 7.1-42661 Update 4. But when I try to follow instructions as written here I run into an error on the first line.
I have found a solution. I post it heren so maybe someone can change it on the instruction.

The next command generates an error:

sudo synouser --add openhab habopen

Command cloud be:

sudo synouser --add openhab habopen "openhab" 0 "" 0

(Adding the user using the Synology UI isn’t accepted, as the password “habopen” doesn’t meet the conditions of password strength.)

I guess it’s something which is changed during DSM updates.

I hope this post will help future installers :slight_smile:

At the bottom of the page you’ll see “Edit this page in Github”. It is very helpful when finding errors like this to submit corrections to the docs.