Installation in Docker image, access with VS

  • Platform information:
    • DockerHost: Raspberry Pi 3 (Hypriot:
    • Workstation: Windows 10
    • openHAB version: 2.4 as Docker Image

in the past I used Openhabian on a Raspberry Pi. Now I wante to move it into a docker container.
Right now I have set up Hypriot on a Raspberry and installed Openhab like this (from

docker run
–name openhab
-v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro
-v /etc/timezone:/etc/timezone:ro
-v openhab_addons:/openhab/addons
-v openhab_conf:/openhab/conf
-v openhab_userdata:/openhab/userdata
-e “EXTRA_JAVA_OPTS=-Duser.timezone=Europe/Berlin”

In Portainer I see the running image and I can access the Openhab Page in my browser.
But now I want to copy my textfiles (rules, things, …) and all this stuff into the according docker volume.
What is the best solution? Do I have to configure a samba server manually on the RP or is there a better solution?

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I don’t know if this works on RPi’s yet, but there is a Remote SSH extension to OH that will use an SSH connection to access files directly on your RPi. See and pay attention to the documentation as it requires you to set up ssh on your Windows machine in a certain way.

Beyond that then yes, you will need to create a Samba share and mount that share as a drive to your Windows machine (apparently it breaks if you don’t mount it as a drive) and access the files through the share.

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To make it work with RPi you need to use “VSCode - Insiders” and it works well.

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Thanks for the answers.
I configured a samba server but right now i dont get the permissions right. I shared the volume path ("/var/lib/docker/volumes/") and I can mount it in windows with the root user. But I only can add and modify in this folder not the subfolders. I can access and see all the other files as well but i cant copy my stuff into the according folders.

Probably it’s just one line in the samba config. Maybe some can help :slight_smile:

workgroup = WORKGROUP
security = user
encrypt passwords = yes
client min protocol = SMB2
client max protocol = SMB3

comment = Samba-Freigabe
path = /home/shares/
read only = no

comment = Docker-Freigabe
path = /var/lib/docker/volumes/
read only = no

Okay my problem is solved. I rewrote the permission with:
“sudo chmod -R 777 /var/lib/docker/volumes/”

Docker seems fine after my changes. I was not sure if the container would start. But right now it seems fine.

Thanks again.