Installation not working

Im new to all this… I can’t connect Putty to openhabian… This is what I have done so far

  1. I’ve downloaded the latest “openHABianPi” SD card image file for my Raspberry pi 3
  2. Write the image file to the SD card (with Etcher)
  3. Insert the SD card into Raspberry, connected it to my router via Ethernet
  4. Log on to my Router to get the Raspberry pi’s IP address
  5. Entered the IP address of the Raspberry pi in Putty etc
  6. Login/Password “openhabian”
  7. It gives my this following messagesputty

“Network unreachable, can’t continue” “Intial setup exiting with an error” Am I missing a step? Not doing something right?

Where did you read this?
Did you really take the latest image ?

Did you “Wait approximately 15-45 minutes for openHABian to do its magic”

If none of this is helping you can still go the manual way


Yes the latest image

Yep waited 45 minutes…

Wupsy there it is, sorry! :blush:

But isn’t your topic then wrong?
If the installation fails, topic should be about that.
Not that ssh fails. Because if the installation fails of course SSH will fail too.

@ThomDietrich The mind of openHABian summoned to this topic.

Yep, i guess so. Changed the topic name

Hello @Dustan_Ali,
the error shouldn’t occur and I’m confident it wouldn’t appear again if you tried once more with a fresh image flash.

Anyhow I’m confused wether or not the installation failed in the end. As we can see in the log, your system restarted and was after that able to establish a network connection and update apt. What happened next?