Installation of openhab 4.X on raspberry Pi

Platform information:
Raspberry Pi 3 +
Installations resource:
Raspberry Pi Imager

Micro SD 16GB HC I class 10

I made the SD card with a Windows PC using:
Raspberry Pi Imager
It all went well. The raspberry is powering up going through the installation. Currently it is more than 3h ago that it started. It is still doing things but there already quite some error messages. Is it still worth waiting or is something already gone wrong that I have to stop it. Can anyone judge it?

Here is the current status after about 3h:

looks like a corrupted sd card?

Okay, I will re-try. Let’s see how far I got this time.

Same again. The SD-card was working just before with openhab 3.4. :disappointed:

I will give it a go with Etcher. I hope that works better.

3rd trial in vain. I do not have the impression that the SD card is broken. This trial stopped at a different line.

4th attempt and goal. With a new SD-card and etcher preparation it is working now. I am still puzzled why the SD-card broke. I formated under windows afterwards without issue.