Installation of Shelly Binding

Hi all,
I tried looking for information about this and found one guide but it didn’t work.
Is there any reason why i can’t find the Shelly Cloud Binding through Paper UI?

Can someone point me to a working guide for installing the binding?

I’m using OH 2.4.0- Would prefer not to upgrade at the moment if I don’t have to…

Every help would be appreciated.

Shelly Binding was implemented with OH 2.5.

You need to install the binding via .jar on OH 2.4.

@Chentadot: Place the 2.5 jar file in usr/share/openhab2/addons then restart OH.

My recommendation would be to upgrade to the stable 2.5 but, if you are using restdocs, delete that addon and reinstall after upgrading. The location of that addon changed.

Thank you all for your replies…
I’m considering upgrading to 2.5 after reviewing some of the release notes…
Hope the upgrade process will go smoothly.

Good choice, :+1: just remember what @Bruce_Osborne mentioned about removing the restdocs addon before upgrading. I would also recommend removing any other binding that is in the release notes then reinstall after the upgrade.

Doing that will save you some time and trouble.:wink:

Here’s a list of bindings that have changes:

Discontinued Add-ons

Azure IoT

Due to changes in the Azure API, this add-on is no longer working and has been removed. Persistence Service

The service has been discontinued, therefore there is no longer any use of this openHAB persistence service. It has thus be removed from the distribution.

Breaking Changes in Add-ons

DarkSky Binding

The item type of ‘rain’ and ‘snow’ channels have been changed to ‘Number:Speed’.

EnOcean Binding

Channel ‘receivingState’ has been removed, because this was a string containing many information. For this, there are three new channels: ‘rssi’, ‘repeatCount’ and ‘lastReceived’.


Some tags have been renamed. Old names will not be supported in future versions. Please check documentation.

LGWebOS Binding

The binding parameter ‘localIP’ has been removed. The binding now uses system defaults for network communication. The thing type parameter ‘deviceId’ is no longer a parameter, but a property. Parameters ‘host’ and ‘key’ have been added.

MQTT Binding

Homie channel names may have changed if special characters are used for MQTT topic names.

OneWire Binding

The thing types ms-th and ms-tv have been marked deprecated and will be updated to ms-tx automatically.
The thing types counter2 , digitalio , digitalio2 , digitalio8 , ibutton , temperature have been marked deprecated and will be updated to basic automatically.

Please note that auto-upgraded things keep their thing UID including the deprecated thing type .

Manually (via textual configuration) defined things need to be changed to ms-tx or basic respectively.

Deprecated thing types will be removed with the next official release.

OpenSprinkler Binding

The stationXX channels have been removed and replaced by a bridge/thing combination. See documentation for further information.

OpenSprinkler Binding

The Pi interface was removed, as it does not provide all of the features of the binding anymore. Please use the HTTP interface instead.

senseBox Binding

The senseBox binding is now using Units of Measurements, and the channel name for Illuminance has changed. The Items must be reconfigured.

Somfytahoma Binding

The following channels have been renamed: ‘cyclic_button_state’ to ‘cyclic_button’, ‘battery_status_state’ to ‘battery_status’ and ‘lighting_led_pod_mod_state’ to ‘lighting_led_pod_mode’.

Systeminfo Binding

The ‘cpu#load’ channel has been removed because the OSHI library no longer provides this information.

TP-Link Smart Home Binding

The energy and rssi channels are now using Units of Measurements. Items must be adapted and the things must be recreated.

Tesla Binding

The binding has been heavily refactored. It is required to delete old Tesla Things and set them up from scratch.

Vitotronic Binding

The following channels have been renamed: ‘outsite_temp’ to ‘outside_temp’, ‘pelletburner:power’ to ‘pelletburner:powerlevel’, ‘party_temp’ to ‘party_temp_setpoint’ and ‘save_temp’ to ‘save_temp_setpoint’

Add yahooweather to that list. The service was discontinued but some people kept the binding installed and just ignored the errors in 2.4. In 2.5 it causes reloading every minute.

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I always forget about that one,:grin: thanks.

Wish they would add it to the list here.

Good advice.
Thank you so much!