Installation on windwos fails

Any idea how to resolve this issue ?

openhab> C:\openhab\userdata\bin\openHAB-service.bat install
Error executing command: bad unicode

Hi and welcome,

To be Honest i have no Idea about using Openhab on Windows. So i might not be of much Help :wink:


  1. Does Openhab run if you Start it as described here? Windows | openHAB

  2. Did you run the command as adminsitrator?

  3. (out of having no other idea): Maybe some files are corrupted? Maybe donwnload again and start over?

What System are you trying to use Openhab on?


seems to point to a problem due to using a non ASCII character like German Umlauts somewhere.
Does the Windows eventviewer provide more information about the problem/error ?