Installation OpenHab 2.4 on Synology DSM 6.2

Where can we download a .spk installation file for the Openhab 2.4 release?

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I am also looking for it

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Me too.

Count me in!

Best, Jay


I am interested also. Not possible to configure serial connection to aeotec z wave USB with the current release in the synology 118 NAS.


I am trying to upgrade from to the 2.4.0 but I have this error message before the end: link folder not found
If I look at the log file, the link is empty: Update failed. Link folder ‘’ could not be found.

Here the complete log:

S T A R T - o p e n H A B S P K


Set instance variables…
public: false
smarthome: true
home: false
TMPFS: true
Z-Wave: true
port: 8090
port: 8443
tmp: /volume1/@tmp
share: /volume1/SmartHome
oh: /volume1/SmartHome/openHAB
backup: /volume1/@appstore/openHAB-backup-201901
User that exec the Installation
Start preupgrade…
Stop server
Remove tmp, cache and runtime dirs
Remove openHAB system files
Create backup
Save symbolic link folders
Update failed. Link folder ‘’ could not be found.
Please try again or contact the github contributors.

S T A R T - o p e n H A B S P K




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I’m facing the same issue - any news on this? Thanks

Will this help.

@Antoine68 and @marc.chetelat there is an open issue on github.