Installation problem openhabianpi

i have a problem with installation.
have you a solution?
thank you

This is a International forum please use English. potreste%20dirmi%20come%20risolvere%20questo%20problema%20con%20l’installazione. grazie

How are you trying to install OH, apt-get or manual?

EDIT: Needed to get my glasses.:laughing: Looks like your using apt-get (openhabian image) am I correct? Make sure the device has a good internet connection and no being blocked by a firewall.

credo che il dispositivo abbia una buona connessione internet. ho eseguito un ping con un sito esterno e comunicava bene (40ms)

I think the device has a good internet connection. I pinged an external site and communicated well (40ms)

Double check you power supply. You nee a good one for the pi.
5v and MINIMUM 2.5A

yes, it is

Get a beefier one. 2.5A is really the absolute minimum.