Installation Synology 716+

Hello openHAB2 fans,

I have according to this guide

The openHAB2 installed. I had already installed the snapshot version with the same result.
If I enter in my browser the URL 192. … /Start/index, the openHAB2 is not started. The browser connects and connects but does not connect.

I installed the following JAVA programs on the NAS:
JAVA SE Embedde 8 - Version 1.8.0_121-0043
JAVA 8 version 8.0.101-0011
The public / openHAB2 / conf folder was created before the installation and is empty after the installation.

I hope I can be helped, thank you in advance before.

Greetings Thomas :wink:

I am VERY GRATABLE when I get in touch with German.
Mail to kuleleux (at) or via Threema-ID C74RYSSB.

I’m currently being tracked by the bugger. The Threema ID above is from my tablet and that I broke, here my mobile phone Threema ID: VKDXBXPV

Dont you need java11 ?

Not for openHAB2…

I would consider to use the docker version of openhab. Not sure if there is a dependency on JAVA if you run openhab in a docker, but i currently have Java 8 on my Synology 218+