Installed packages after restart

After restarting openHab only the bindings and addons are enabled that are defined in my addons.cfg.
If I enable a binding via PaperUI and restart my system it’s disabled.
Now I want to use a market Binding: market:binding-3831369
Is it possible to write it in the addons.cfg? And which syntax do I have to use?

Thank you


If you install a binding via PaperUI, do you occasionally (and at random times) find that it has been uninstalled? There seems to be an issue with this happening, so I’m wondering if your issue is related.

No, that’s a ‘feature’.

If you want to use paper UI to install addons, don’t touch addons.cfg at all. If addons.cfg is changed from default, openHAB will always reinstall (and deinstall) all addons according to its content.

In question of the market binding, I have no idea, as the market bindings aren’t listed as features (yet?)

I do think this is a missing feature. However, it might work to add market bindings.

Try adding the market:binding-3831369 to the appropriate element in addons.cfg. If that doesn’t work try removing the market: part. If that doesn’t work then that answers the question.

This came up at some point in the past. I don’t remember if an issue was opened to support it.

Thank you, it worked with full “market:binding-3831369”.
(For regular bindings I had to remove the first part of the ID so I did not tried it this way before…)

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This is indeed good news. Glad it worked!