Installing a binding.jar file

Did I do this right so far? What next?

I grabbed the new dimmer binding and (per suggestions in thread) uninstalled the Wemo binding from PaperUI. Then restarted openhab. Then copied the .jar file into the addons directory (/usr/share/openhab2/addons/).

Perhaps unnecessarily I changed ownership from root to openhab for user and group on the jar file once it was copied. (??)

Restarted openhab again.
Started Karaf.

Bundle:list showed it was “installed” but not “active”.

I tried to start it (bundle:start 184) and got an error:

Error executing command: Error executing command on bundles:
Error starting bundle 184: Could not resolve module: org.eclipse.smarthome.binding.wemo [184]
Unresolved requirement: Import-Package:

The problem seems moderately clear. I need to install something that is not installed (for some reason). Should I install this via PaperUI (how?) or do I drop another .jar into the addons/ directory (and where do I find it?)?

Please restart openhab and see this helps.
If not, on karaf console enter


But I would suggest to wait a couple of hours, I will update the binding as the state channel broke with last version.

I have restarted openhab (repeatedly) and it has sat for hours… part of the reason I haven’t responded in the other thread: I haven’t been able to get any useful results in the time I’ve had over the last week.

Thanks for the suggestion though. I’ll try the “feature:install”

When I try this it says:

Error executing command: No matching features for

Hmm, you could try to install the SONOS binding which also usees UPNP…
This would not do any harm even if you don’t have any SONOS devices

went to PaperUI > addons > bindings
added sonos
Instant notification popup! Wemo devices detected in inbox. Success!

Now back to the other thread I guess (once you have time for the update) … though that was a funny solution.

What happens if I remove the Sonos binding? Will the upnp be removed and mess up the wemo (jar) binding? Perhaps I will go find out.

Yep, removing the sonos binding takes the upnp along with it (and de-activates the wemo binding).

Should I have been able to install upnp via feature:install?
Is there some way to troubleshoot that?

Hard to know which docs to read.

Ich will check for the feature install issue. Meanwhile, I fixed the channel state issue and uploaded a fixed version.

Discussion has moved to github.

The correct command is

feature:install esh-io-transport-upnp

I just verified on a test installation

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Thank you! That is more reassuring as a solution than installing other (currently unneeded) bindings.