Installing and configuring a wemo device using a Windows PC

I am unable to use a smart phone because of my dexterity limitations.
I have been managing my wemo devices as follows:
Someone with an iPhone installs the wemo app on their phone and then uses that app to install the device to my home network and configure it.
After this, I discover the device in openhab, create appropriate things, items, rules, and site maps to control the device.
I also have Alexa discover the Wemo device by running the Wemo skill on the Amazon Alexa website, which I can do from my windows PC.
Question: is there some way I can install and configure Wemo devices from a Windows PC? (Any PC operating system).
I was able to install my Philips hue lights using my PC because there is an application called Huetro that runs on Windows 10, but I have not been able to find such an application for wemo. Any suggestions?
PS: I tried using the android wemo app running in the bluestacks android emulator on a Windows PC but I couldn’t get it to work

What phone do you have? Newer models can be connected to a PC now. You also research mobile VNC server, remote screen, etc. This will allow you to control your mobile devices with a PC

Hi lucky,
Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, I have an iPhone6S. Bad decision-I should have gotten an android. (I thought I would be able to control the iPhone using Siri while mirroring the screen to my PC using the iPhone Airplay. It turns out Siri is much more limited than I had assumed and using Airplay Hands-free is just about impossible)
I also tried jail breaking the iPhone using the panga jail-breaking code and then installing the Cydia app and the VNC client, but I ran into lots of problems trying to do that (the jail-breaking code was very flaky).

HERE you go, Joe. I registered on this site just so I could share THIS LINK with you…best of luck!


This is just to control the devices. There is no other option to include WeMo devices into your WiFi network than to use the according phone apps.