Installing ASTRA uninstalls other bindings

Hi al
I’m pretty new to OPENHAB, so hopefully someone can help me out.

I’m running the newest openHABian and have installed the HUE, Z-WAVE and MQTT binding. Everything runs fine.
This morning I installed the ASTRA binding and just after I was noticed that the other bindings were unilstalled!

Are there a cure or is it start from scratch?


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Have you by chance edited addons.cfg?

Hi Rick

Solution: reinstall the uninstalled bindings. Everything works fine again.


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It seems I too have run onto this. It HAS to be a bug in openHAB 2.2.

I had mqtt and z-wave installed and WORKING, and when I added the weather undergound binding, it uninstalled both of those. This is HUGE issue IMO as it can create quite a lot of work trying to get all the bindings back and working again.

I’m only two days into openHAB, and I can honestly say as a newbie that if this continues to happen and isn’t fixed in an update soon I will likely move onto another platform.