Installing Binding leads to automatic uninstalling another binding

I tried to install the “Denon” binding in Openhab2 and viewing my log shows that it automatically uninstalls all other binding i have installed (Max, NTP, ZWave)…
I am quite sure thats not supposed to be this way. Anyone point me the right direction?

Unfortunately I have no solution but exactly the same problem - occured just today when I installed the Expire-Binding. All other bindings got uninstalled - their configuration was luckily still intact.
I had a similar issue with presistance services the other day - I installed mapdb and automatically my RRD4j-persistence was uninstalled.
I’m running on a RasPi with Openhabian 1.4 on Openhab 2.2 release

@Bastian_H please add an exact explanation how you installed your Bindings to this issue.

That doesnt reflect my setup. I installed openhabian and installed all Bindings by PaperUI… No Karaf (whatever that may be…)

It ist not just bindings - all other addons I can install through PaperUI do the same. The newly selected addon gets installed, all other addont in that area get uninstalled.
I my case I did all actions in PaperUI - not Karaf or Habmin…

Unfortunately the same issue - all addons were removed by a new installed binding. Adding my addons (ui, bindings, transformation, etc.) to services/addons.cfg solved it. But it seems to be a challenge (bug)

binding = astro,zwave,chromecast,ntp,fritzboxtr0641,onkyo,hue,http,yahooweather,network
ui = basic,paper,habpanel,homebuilder
transformation = map,xpath