Installing bindings manually on Raspbian

I am new to OpenHab and I am trying to install this binding for Yeelight.

It doesn’t provide any instructions so I would use your help!
This topic is similar but I can’t find the addons folder under /opt.

It looks like the developer stopped the binding project, but in that PR you can find a link to the precompiled jar:

thanks for your reply. But how I am going to install it on raspbian openhub2?

Just put it in your /addons folder. A restart of openHAB may be needed.

It depends on your install method, apt-get or manually, for folder structure see:

I installed it with apt-get but it seems that I am having issues with folders.
For example I am trying to create rules following this guide:
"Rules are placed in the folder ${openhab.home}/configurations/rules. The runtime already comes with a demo file called demo.rules, which has a couple of examples, which can be a good starting point."
but my path /usr/share/openhab2/configuratuins/ is empty. What I am doing wrong here?
(I managed to install the binding using “openhab console”)

In fact, the path is not correct if installed through apt-get. As this is the “debian” way, you would find all configuration files in /etc/openhab2/, not in ${openhab.home}/configurations/ (and not in ${openhab.home}/conf/, as written in another part of the official openhab2 documentation… well… :frowning: )

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