Installing custom binding on Openhabian

Hi all,

I am trying to add a new custom binding as add-on into the Openhab installation. I am using Openhabian on a Pi. Following the instructions here:

I tried adding the .jar file of my binding into /usr/share/openhab/addons/ directory. However, it does not seem to show up in the UI. I see that the addons directory contains a .kar file. Is there something else I should do to get this into the .kar archive?

Any suggestions will be really helpful!



For that part of your issue jar files in addons never show up as installed bindinds but function properly.

What version of OH are you running? I believe a .kar file is a Karaf archive of all available bindings used when OH has no Internet access. As of this weekend it is also recommended for 2.5.12 since the old bindings repo is no longer available.

Does that .jar file binding seem to function? I do not know whether jar and lar files can coexist in the addons folder.