Installing new System Info binding

I’m running the 2.0.0 release build and i want to update the System Info binding from 2.0.0 to 2.1.0. I found a link to the jar from this post, as I ran into the issue reported there:
and I placed them into my /opt/openhab2/addons folder and created a folder at:
I wasn’t sure where to place the files, so I placed them in both locations. After restarting openhab2, the binding is listed the karaf console using bundle:list:

9 | Active | 80 | | Systeminfo Binding

But, the binding is not listed under ‘Bindings’ in PaperUI, although the older 2.0.0 binding is still displayed. I’m not sure what to do here, can someone point me in the right direction?

I should also note, I’m running on a RPi 3.

If you manually install a binding by copying the jar file to /opt/openhab2/addons/, this binding will not show up in Paper UI, as it’s manually installed.

You will have to uninstall the original binding first, for not to mix up the installation.

But why not updating to openHAB2.1 (stable release) or to openHAB2.2 (nightly build)?
I can’t see any reason to stay at openHAB2.0, there are many bugfixes between 2.0 and 2.1 and even way more to 2.2
openHAB2.2 is as stable as openHAB2.1 is and it gets bugfixes and new features where openHAB2.1 does not.
You don’t have to upgrade every day and openHAB will not do this automatically, so you don’t need to worry about this.

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Thanks for the reply. I actually did upgrade my installation instead of waiting for a reply. Now I’m running 2.1.0. I’ll eventually update to 2.2.0, but for now, I’ll get settled with 2.1.0.
Thanks again.