Installing OH3 to pi4

Hi all gurus,
I have been working OH3 on my laptop’s and seem cool but wanted to get something smaller that can run 24/7. Hence I got myself pi4. It came and I tried installing OH3 but failed. It keep rebooting after running some script. Not sure what is wrong. Do I need to plug ethernet cable on it? Or setup wifi? Strange it didn’t asked me to choose wifi channel and password… If yes how do I setup?

just follow the tutorial here:

Yes I did… I tried and I stucked in the wifi…how to setup wifi…do I need to install raspberry pi is first to setup wifi and then install OH3?

The easiest way is to use an ethernet cable connected to the Pi before powering it on.
If you want to use wifi you’ll need to make your SSID and password known to the system before the first boot.
See here:

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already part of Dirks answer.

Thanks team sorry I still a bit confuse…I read multiple time still don’t get it… I got the following questions

  1. It I connect it using ethernet for start up can I setup wifi once it is done? If yes how do we do it?
  2. If we need to make wifi known first… Like what is recommended by Dirk, we need to change the config. How do I do that? My windows don’t recognise the sdcard which I flash with OH image?

It can be a little confusing and if you didn’t follow the steps in the correct order it may not work.

Re-flash the sd card with the latest openhabian image.

Remove SD card and reinsert it into your windows machine. I it will complain but there should be 2 partitions and you can open the boot one.

open the file openhabian.conf with a text editor

Fill in the details




eject SD card safely

Then stick in your PI for first boot. It may take longer than you think to boot the first time as it dose a bunch of updating and stuff.

You should see it at http://openhabian:8080

Thanks James. I reflased and did it seem ok…but now seem installed but it comes to a point that they asked me for openhabian login??? I don’t have login id

Hi All Gurus,
I managed to install it on raspberry pi… When it first start the pi asked me for login… At the same time when I ran putty on windows to connect to the IP address on the OH3. It asked me for username and password. Is this for my creation? But what about the raspberry pi login ? Is it the same? Also I’m still confuse on how I backup my windows OH and migrate to my new raspberry pi so I don’t have to create again. I read some forum but still find not success in understanding it

The default login name on OS level ( shell console via monitor and keyboard resp. via ssh/putty ) is openhabian. During the setup as far as I remember you can change that username. So to login via putty you need to use that username that you configured in case you changed it otherwise it is openhabian. Same applies for the password did you change the default during installation ?

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