Insteon 8 button keypad 2334-222


I am trying to make a Insteon 2334-222 keypad work. I use the 2014 hub and pml service, I pull every second to get updates. All the updates from Insteon to OpenHab work, the main button works, the scene buttons work as well (B,C,D,E,F,G,H).

The problem is controlling from OpenHab: I can control fine any dimmer device and the main button of the keypad but not the scene buttons. here under how I defined the items, I tried to play with the group number but no success.

Thank you for any help.

Dimmer K_LR_A	"Living Room Main [%d %%]"   <slider>   (InsteonGp,DimmerGp)	{insteonplm="40.CB.59:F00.00.16#loaddimmer"}
Dimmer K_LR_B	"Living Room B [%d %%]"   <slider>   (InsteonGp,DimmerGp)	{insteonplm="40.CB.59:F00.00.16#keypadbuttonB,group=0xF2"}
Dimmer K_LR_C	"Living Room C [%d %%]"   <slider>   (InsteonGp,DimmerGp)	{insteonplm="40.CB.59:F00.00.16#keypadbuttonC,group=0xF3"}
Dimmer K_LR_D	"Living Room D [%d %%]"   <slider>   (InsteonGp,DimmerGp)	{insteonplm="40.CB.59:F00.00.16#keypadbuttonD,group=0xF4"}
Dimmer K_LR_E	"Living Room E [%d %%]"   <slider>   (InsteonGp,DimmerGp)	{insteonplm="40.CB.59:F00.00.16#keypadbuttonE,group=0xF5"}
Dimmer K_LR_F	"Living Room F [%d %%]"   <slider>   (InsteonGp,DimmerGp)	{insteonplm="40.CB.59:F00.00.16#keypadbuttonF,group=0xF6"}
Dimmer K_LR_G	"Living Room G [%d %%]"   <slider>   (InsteonGp,DimmerGp)	{insteonplm="40.CB.59:F00.00.16#keypadbuttonG,group=0xF7"}
Dimmer K_LR_H	"Living Room H [%d %%]"   <slider>   (InsteonGp,DimmerGp)	{insteonplm="40.CB.59:F00.00.16#keypadbuttonH,group=0xF8"}

I managed to make it work: the control from OpenHab to Insteon of scene buttons requires to setup properly the group number. The number of the scene can be found but using the Inteon for Hub app. Every scene when created is affected a group number, this is the number to put in the binding of every button.

Hope it helps.