Insteon 8 Pos Keypad SW

  • Platform information:
    • Pi3
    • Insteon Hub newer vers.
    • OpenHab2

I have one keypad sw with an issue with Button A, Which should be the load? but I can’t get it to work? If I press the A button on the physical SW the load does come on and If I press the A button in the Insteon Android app that also turns on the load?

Buttons B and G work fine in OpenHab2 basic UI, but nothing from A???

Here are my Items and sitemap setup?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Switch keypadSwitch_k “main load” {insteonplm=“42.15.52:F00.00.16#loadswitch”}
Switch keypadSwitch_k_A “keypad button A” {insteonplm=“42.15.52:F00.00.16#keypadbuttonA,group=0x01”}
Switch keypadSwitch_k_B “keypad button B” {insteonplm=“42.15.52:F00.00.16#keypadbuttonB,group=0x0F”}
Switch keypadSwitch_k_C “keypad button C” {insteonplm=“42.15.52:F00.00.16#keypadbuttonC,group=”}
Switch keypadSwitch_k_D “keypad button D” {insteonplm=“42.15.52:F00.00.16#keypadbuttonD,group=”}
Switch keypadSwitch_k_E “keypad button E” {insteonplm=“42.15.52:F00.00.16#keypadbuttonE,group=”}
Switch keypadSwitch_k_F “keypad button F” {insteonplm=“42.15.52:F00.00.16#keypadbuttonF,group=”}
Switch keypadSwitch_k_G “keypad button G” {insteonplm=“42.15.52:F00.00.16#keypadbuttonG,group=0x17”}
Switch keypadSwitch_k_H “keypad button H” {insteonplm=“42.15.52:F00.00.16#keypadbuttonH,group=”}

Frame label=“Keypad_k”
{ Switch item=keypadSwitch_k label=“main”
//Switch item=keypadSwitchFastOnOff label=“fast on/off”
//Switch item=keypadSwitchManualChange label=“manual change” mappings=[ 0=“DOWN”, 1=“STOP”, 2=“UP”]
Switch item=keypadSwitch_k_A label=“Button A”
Switch item=keypadSwitch_k_B label=“Button B”
Switch item=keypadSwitch_k_C label=“Button C”
Switch item=keypadSwitch_k_D label=“Button D”
Switch item=keypadSwitch_k_E label=“Button E”
Switch item=keypadSwitch_k_F label=“Button F”
Switch item=keypadSwitch_k_G label=“Button G”
Switch item=keypadSwitch_k_H label=“Button H”