Insteon Binding (Beta)

Could you please provide the product reference from your offline device? What do the new binding logs show when the modem database is getting downloaded?

Same question for this one. The binding seems to not be able to get the product info from these devices.

Also, do you have both modems configured in openHAB at the same time? Are you running another third party application while the binding is connected to your PLM or Hub modems?

Is there a way to get this from the old binding? I just spent all the morning switching to the old binding? I can restore from backup and test bot not today - below is what HA list

15.63.AF KeypadLinc On/Off 2486SWH6 (0x02, 0x0f)
17.96.4A Keypad Countdown Timer 2484DWH8 (0x01, 0x05)
24.F0.F1 KeypadLinc On/Off 2487S (0x02, 0x2c)
14.6D.A6 SwitchLinc Relay with Sense 2476S (0x02, 0x15)

Not found in database - i have 4 of them the other two work without issues
15.97.4D OutletLinc Relay 2473SWH (0x02, 0x08)
15.97.5A OutletLinc Relay 2473SWH (0x02, 0x08)

No other software is talking to the PLM/HUB- when I test Home Assistant or use insteon-terminal I shut down OpenHab

If you are referring to logs, you should have rolled over logs from this binding. Otherwise you would have to test again.

@jeshab You mentioned you are working on a newer rev with improved communication, let me know when you have that version ready for download and I will give it a try. I have another PLM I was going to try playing with OH4.0M1

:wink: Good work @jeshab Got my first Insteon Smoke Bridge → Battery Low Channel ON today !, I wouldn’t have known due to the First Alert fire detector randomly speaking at 3:30 AM, my wife heard it but I was sound asleep, I checked the Smoke Bridge and it’s Low Battery Channel is ON as expected, now a notification via openHAB → Alexa will work awesome !.. I kinda forgot to make an Alexa Reminder but am right now ! :wink:

FYI: I purchased a NEW USB PLM from Insteon a few weeks ago to play with, just haven’t plugged it in yet :slight_smile:


Are you still working on this binding? Will it be included in the OH4 release?

Thank you.