Insteon Dimmer LamLinc doesn't turn off the light

So I am trying to turn off the Insteon LampLinc Dimmer and found the code online which is similar to this. However my UI as you see below can control the Philips hue color lamp but not the Insteon Dimmer switch:

Here’s what I have in sitemap:

pi@raspberrypi:/opt/openhab/configurations $ cat sitemaps/iotpi.sitemap 
sitemap demo label="Main Menu"  
    Frame label="Lights" {
        Switch         item=iot_hue_switch1                         label="IoT Lab Door Light"
        Colorpicker    item=iot_hue_color1    visibility=[iot_hue_switch1==ON]    label="IoT Lab Door Light"
                Switch item=iot_insteon_switch label="IoT Insteon Switch"  
                Slider item=iot_insteon_dimmer "IoT Insteon Dimmer"           

Here’s what I have in .items file:

pi@raspberrypi:/opt/openhab/configurations $ cat items/iotpi.items 
Switch iot_hue_switch1   "IoT Lab Light Bulb"   (Switching) {hue="1"}
Color iot_hue_color1     "IoT Lab Light Bulb"   (Colorize)  {hue="1; colorTemperature; 30"} 
Dimmer iot_insteon_dimmer "IoT Smart Home Light Dimmer" {insteonplm="27.28.88:F00.00.19#dimmer"}
Switch iot_insteon_switch "IoT Smart Home Light Switch" {insteonplm="27.28.88:F00.00.19#switch"}

My switch is:

Insteon LampLinc Dimmer Dual-Band #2457D2

and I have this for Insteon in the openhab.cfg and openhab_default.cfg files:
I see that when I use the dimmer or switch the ON and OFF commands or the level of dimming are sent but the light doesn’t turn off/on.

Here’s what I see in my Insteon hub:

Any information is really appreciated!